Munich Apartment


Elegant understatement

Many hours of painstaking detail work go into everything that is frequently presented as elegant, genuinely natural and ever-so matter-of-fact. This project done on behalf of an entrepreneurial couple in Munich called for tact and the highest level of expertise about the most elegant materials, pleasant haptics and brilliant aesthetics. A special haven of coziness was created during an intense design process conducted jointly with the clients and exhaustive planning work.



2016 - 2020


Conception, execution, supervision of construction



A reflection of the clients

It took two years to complete this home of approximately 650m2 – from planning to conclusion. The project involved the entire interior of the structure: living room, bedroom, adjoining bath and closet areas, offices and foyer. The result is just as unique as the couple themselves: Their personality and individuality shine through everywhere: both in terms of the overall result as well as the perfection and sensibility involved in the conception and execution of the very tiniest detail.